Educo believes, youth leadership is part of youth development process and supports youngsters in developing their ability to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, set personal and group goals, and have self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and abilities to establish support networks in order to fully participate in community life. In ALOY ALOW Project, Educo Bangladesh is working with youth of tea garden and Haor communities through establishing 32 Adolescent and Youth Forums. Recently, a ‘03-day residential training on Leadership and Team Building’ has been conducted for 14 girls and 14 boys from 14 clubs who represent the most marginalized communities in the targeted areas. This was one of the very first training sessions these participants have joined. Shanta Tanti, a participant from Rajghat TG estates expressed her excitement saying, ‘We, the children of tea workers, have never thought of participating in such training where we could learn about leadership in personal and professional life. I personally learned a lot from this training on which I was ignorant before. We are considering this training as a turning point in our lives’.



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