Our Current Projects

COVID-19 response: 2020

In Bangladesh, the first COVID-19 case had been reported by government on 08 March 2020 and thereafter recorded 153,277 COVID-19 cases, with the disease claiming 1,926 lives as of first week of July ’20. Every three out of five people in the country were facing economic and health vulnerabilities for longtime log down situation and transmission of COVID-19. The situation was most miserable for the families and their children living in slum, brothel, indigenous community, hoar, tea garden. In this situation, Educo Bangladesh has stood beside the children and their families in slums located in Dhaka and Narayanganj districts, brothels in Rajbari and Faridpur districts, indigenous (plain-land Adivasi) communities in Rajshahi and Chapai Nawabganj districts, Refugee and host community in Cox’s Bazar, tea garden and wetland community in Moulvibazar with food, cash, COVID-19 awareness messages, PPE and health and hygiene kits support. From the five projects funded by Educo, ChildFund Korea and Educo’s school, Educo directly reached total 21,605 Households (HHs)either with food or cash and/or other others supports. Educo Bangladesh provided direct cash support to 14,647 HHs (12 USD/HH), food support to 6,958 HHs that included 5 kg rice, 2 kg lentils, 1 litre oil, 3 kg potatoes, 1 kg salt.  HHs received hygiene package that contained soap, detergent powder, mask, bucket. Educo also distributed education materials to 8,000 children and 200 PPE.



Humanitarian Assistance to the Amphan Affected People Living in Southern Parts of Bangladesh

On 20 May 2020, the supper cyclone Amphan hit the coastal areas of Bangladesh. 26 people lost their lives, and 7 people were injured due to falling of trees, boat capsizes, wall collapses and drowning. The cyclone affected around 10 million vulnerable people in 19 districts in Bangladesh. Many people were suffering due to food scarcity and crisis of pure drinking water for inundation of houses and tube-well and damaged of crops land. Considering the suffering of the families with children, adolescent and youth Educo Bangladesh Implemented the emergency response project title on Humanitarian ‘Assistance to the Amphan Affected People Living in Southern Parts of Bangladesh’ in Koyra Upazilla of Khulna district & Shyamnagar Upazilla of Shatkhira district from 16 July to 15 October 2020, partnership with two local partner Uttaran and JJS. 1,455 Households (HHs) received food package that contained 20 KG rice, 4 KG lentils, 4 KG potato, 4 Litre oil, 2 KG salt and 4 KG sugar. Cash distributed to 1,275 through mobile phone transfer instead of providing food package, each beneficiaries received BDT 2,440 (29 USD) through mobile money transfer for buying emergency food and other necessary supplies for their children and family members. 1,365 people received hygiene package and safety materials, and this included 1 bucket with tap and lid (16L), 5 soaps (125g), 5 packets of 200-gram detergent powder, 20 surgical masks and COVID awareness leaflet. 5,100 children received education materials and the packages containing 6 exercise books, 2 packet color pencils, 4 pencils, 4 erasers and 2 pencil cutters. Through this project, Educo partners also repaired 4 tube wells and plinth of the tube wells was raised by 3 feet. It was important for ensuring fresh water. 65 Liter and 100 litter water tanks were also provided with among 432 families for storing rainwater.


Emergency Response to the flood affected people in Bangladesh (Flood response: 2020)

Due to heavy rainfall and fresh onrush of water from upstream, a large number of north, middle and north-west parts of Bangladesh were fully inundated which tuned to catastrophic flooding since 05 July to August 2020. 102 upazilas and 654 unions were inundated by flood water, affecting 3.3 million people and leaving 7,31,958 people waterlogged. Considering the actuate food and safe drinking water need of the affected people, Educo Bangladesh implemented a flood response project partnership with NDP in Sirajgonj districts and in SDS at Sariatpur district, from September to November 2020. Project reached total 4,100 beneficiaries through distribution of food and hygienic items. Each beneficiaries received food package which contained Rice – 15 KG, Potato- 3 KG, Pulse (Lentil) – 2 KG, Edible Oil – 1 Litre, Salt- 1 KG, Sugar-1 KK to meet the food needs of the affected people. Soap (125 gm, Bathing)-2 pcs, Detergent Powder-1 KG, Sanitary Napkin-2 Packet, Mask-10 Pcs (Disposable Surgical Mask), Water Purification Tablet – 20 Pcs and leaflet for Covid-19 and children protection were also distributed considering the hygiene needs for flood and COVID-19 situation.

Strengthen community-based protection and response mechanism for the children of Rohingya camp and host community in Cox’s Bazar

The project is aimed at improved understanding of child protection issues to build successful collective structures of child protection and to identify and refer the relevant child protection providers for cases of abuse, neglect and exploitation of Rohingya. Through this project, Educo will explore community/home learning and digital learning opportunities for young people that meet the criteria for quality education. Educo will ensure that adolescent boys and girls as well as community members actively engage themselves in capacity-building activities. The project is directly supporting 9,912 people and indirectly over 20,000 people through the interventions.

The major activities covered under this quarter:

  • Reformation of 40 CBCP committee have been completed Camp-8E and Camp-17.
  • Reformation of 40 adolescent group have been completed Camp-8E and Camp-17.
  • 1 round of bi-monthly meeting of CBCPC has been conducted in 40 blocks Camp-8E and Camp-17.
  • 1 round of monthly session of adolescent group has been conducted in 40 blocks Camp-8E and Camp-17.
  • Under this project total 3920 beneficiaries of 1170 HHs has been reached of Camp-8E.
  • Total 360 learners benefited from 10 home-based learning centers and 2 digital learning centers

A multipurpose center has been running at camp 17.

Protection of children and adolescents from various child protection violations, GBV and sexual violence in Cox’s Bazar refugee camps, Bangladesh

The project is implemented at camp 8E, 8W and 17 of the Kutupalong Balukhali Site. This 24-month intervention is implemented by three collaborating organizations (implementing partner: Educo; JCF and SKUS), aiming to prevent and respond to SGBV as well as related child protection violations increasing the exposure to SGBV that these children and adolescents have experienced/witnessed before, during and/or after their displacement in the refugee camps.

The project works with 6,554 different target groups mainly children and adolescents including Caregivers, Teachers, Learning Centre Management Committees, Community-Based Child Protection Mechanisms members and Majhis. The project has started on 01 January 2021. As a part of the preparatory phase the project has undertaken following activities:

  • Received project approval (FD7) from the NGO Affairs Bureau, Bangladesh.
  • Partnership agreement with 2 local partners with JCF and SKUS is completed.
  • Project inauguration meeting has been conducted with Partner organizations where Country Director of Educo and other Country Office staffs participated.
  • EDUCO became regular member of GBV sub-sector under the humanitarian coordination mechanism in the Rohingya response in Cox’s bazar.
  • Staff recruitment completed and deployed at both partners and Educo.
  • Formed 23 CBCPC and 23 Adolescent club in camp 8E, camp 17, Camp 8W.
  • Project start-up workshop conducted on 4 March 2021 with key staff of local partners, government representatives.

An external consultant (expert) hired for conducting base line assessment for the project.

Fire Response at Rohingya refugee camps (Camp 8E, 8W and Camp 09) in Ukhiya under Cox’s Bazar

A devastating fire broke out in three Rohingya refugee camps Camp 8E, 8W and Camp 09 in Ukhiya under Cox’s Bazar district on 22 March 2021. Reported 13 death and leaving more than 10,100 households without shelter and immediate needs of the 48,300 individuals who lost their homes and personal belongings. Among the Fire affected 21 Sub-blocks, Educo works at 16 Sub-blocks where 14 Sub-blocks are fully damaged and 02 partially damaged by fire incident at camp 8E.

Educo conducted a Rapid Need Assessment to identify immediate needs, support and develop a response plan. The following activities were undertaken so far-

  • Educo supported psychological first aid and distributed biscuit and juice to 1602 children, adolescent and caregivers. Supported to identify the lost and missing child and their reunification with the guidance of child protection camp focal at camp 8E immediately the next day of the fire incident.
  • Dried Food Packages contain Biscuit, puffed rice and sugar have been distributed to 800 household of Camp 8E and 8W to ensure the people affected can feed themselves and their family members.
  • Clothes Packages have been distributed to 2000 beneficiaries of Camp 8E and 8W.
  • NFI Packages have been distributed to 400 household of Camp 8E.
  • El Corte Ingles joint the Educo lead fire response initiative with donating 21 Boxes of clothes, later the Spanish Embassy also provided 9 more boxes. The clothes were repackaged into 404 packages and distributed, with these total 1616 children, adolescent girls and boys and adults were benefited.