Teachers, the key to changing the world

We all remember a teacher that had an impact on our lives because what we learnt from him or her went beyond just a school subject. Teachers have a key role in the overall development of children, in addition to teaching them maths or how to read and write. For 25 years, World Teachers’ Day has been celebrated on 5th October and to mark this date we would like to acknowledge and highlight their work and their role within society.  

 “The figure of the teacher is really important in all societies because we entrust them with a fundamental part of children’s education”. Mikel Egibar, Education Specialist at Educo, asserts that “through them, children also learn to relate to themselves and to others in society. Teachers do not just share their knowledge but also their way of being and inhabiting the world, and through that they transmit values, aspirations and inspirations. In this way, students learn to develop as people and also to develop a good relationship with the rest of society.  Also, and this is fundamental, teachers are a protective and supportive figure who children can turn to if they have problems in their families or in their community”.  

Not enough teachers and lots to be done

Although the SDGs recognise the importance of teachers in achieving the 2030 Education Agenda, there is a shortage of teachers worldwide. Unesco data tells us that in order to achieve universal education by 2030, 69 million teachers would need to be recruited.  

“And not just teachers are needed. There are many other different problems that need resolving if we want to guarantee an equitable quality education for children. In many regions, teachers work in precarious conditions, their rights are not respected, they are not properly supported, and they do not have enough training”, says Egibar. “Add this to the fact that there is a lack of educational materials to work with and that the classrooms tend to be overcrowded”.

“And not just teachers are needed. There are many other different problems that need resolving if we want to guarantee an equitable quality education for children.”

What needs to change?

If teachers cannot carry out their tasks in adequate conditions, the right of children to a quality education remains at risk. The following is therefore vital: 

  • Ongoing training for teachers.
  • More jobs for teachers and more stability.
  • Improvements to learning conditions.
  • Support and motivation.

What does Educo do?

At Educo, we work to ensure that the children in our projects receive and equitable quality education. We support the work that teachers who participate in our programs do in several ways. “As well as providing educational resources, we contribute to their ongoing training, strengthening their teaching and educational abilities as well as improving their educational relationships. We also carry out workshops about children rights and we work together to implement the positive treatment of students, avoiding practices like corporal punishment. For us it is fundamental that they are above all thoughtful professionals, aware of their responsibility and sensitive to the essence and timing of childhood” explains the NGO’s Education Specialist.

On World Teacher’s Day we would like to pay tribute to all the teachers around the world who demonstrate their commitment to children’s rights every day.

They prepare them for the future

They protect them in the present



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